Monday, 1 November 2010

November Sparks

I've finally joined the Folksy monthly listing club where we list a new item every day. I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep up with it all, but I'm going to give it a go.

Today I listed some tiny, individual mince-pie plates - perfect for the children to leave out for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve.

Everyone is working so hard filling their shops, that I thought I would show you some of my fellow November Sparks listers.

You can buy this beautiful snowy scene at Sprinkles.


This gorgeous winter hat can be found at All the cute things shop.


aww - this is such a sweet little house decoration from Leanne Woods designs.

Anyway - that's it for today as I'm a bit useless at puttng piccies on my blog - it's taking me forever!

More to come soon xxx

Friday, 16 April 2010

This really made me smile : )

I won a competition over on Indiesmiles a few weeks ago and I just picked up my prizes from the post office.

Look at my beatiful cat fridge magnet and butterfly wooden collage plaque from Linda.

They have travelled all the way from America and turned up so beautifully packaged it was really exciting to open them.
The cat is made from papier-mache and clay and is a tribute to Linda's dearly departed cat 'Peanut'. It's really cute and has little metal angel wings and a halo.
The butterfly wall plaque - is made from wood and covered in paper collage with a hand cut butterfly adornment on the front.
They have both brightened up my day - so thankyou Linda x

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Angus arrived!

Today, the postman brought me a lovely surprise!

I had an interesting looking parcel delivered and as I opened it, a classy looking black box fell out all wrapped with a purple bow - gorgeous.

As I tentatively opened the bow and took the lid off the box, peeping from his little home of purple tissue paper, a wire Angus looked up at me!

He was a purple wire scottie dog brooch made by the very clever Emma Cressey (whose shop can be found here:

I had won one of her fabulous giveaways - isn't he gorgeous?

I'm going to put him on my handbag so he can go for a nice long walkies everyday!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

sprinkles on the top?

Today, I needed to take some photographs of my new cupcake plates, so obviously I needed some cupcakes to put in them.

I spent the afternoon making delicious chocolate cupcakes from a simple recipe found in my local weekend newspaper.

The recipe required two eggs and that was all I had left after my boys had earlier made their egg sculptures of different historical figures for school tomorrow. Biggest d_p made a model of Houdini and littlest d_P made a model of Macbeth. I am hoping that neither of their egg models befalls a nasty accident like poor old Humpty as we've no eggs left to make replacements!

The ultimate in decadence - individual cupcake plates!

To be listed on my Folksy site later tonight.

The icing was a little runny but they managed to get through the photoshoot OK until my two hungry little monsters snaffled the lot!

I think there may be one left for my supper *lick lips* yum!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Owls on Folksy

Following on from my owl giveaway last week, I thought that I would present you with some of my favourite owl items on Folksy.

Mysterious Night Owl coaster from Superfumi
I love this it reminds me of Plop - the owl who was afraid of the dark!

I also love this teacosy by Jacksknits

This owl pendant is beautiful - I love the contrasting patterns. This is from Tula Moon

I love this little rubber stamp by Skull and Cross Buns

Finally - look at this lovely mug by Laura-Kate draws

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Owl Pendant blog giveaway!

Just because I love owls so much and I've got some new owl buttons listed on my Folksy shop, I thought I'd do a blog giveaway of one of my owl pendants.

If you like owls too and want to win this necklace, just start following my blog and tell me a fact about owls, a joke about owls or even why you like owls too!

I'll pick my favourite comment next Sunday afternoon - good luck x

Saturday, 27 February 2010

A lazy Saturday afternoon!

Mr dottery potter took the smallest dp fishing today and eldest dp was happy to amuse himself so I had an afternoon of peace and quiet.

I was able to spend it in the studio rolling slabs and creating some new bits and bobs without any stress and no cries of "Mum" echoing from room to room!

I did have to take time out to break up a few rabbit fights in the garden, so decided to only let them out one by one and put them on a timer - after an hour 'ding' and then change over!

Well that was the ideal version of events - I'll spare you the details of me chasing them around, under the trampoline, through the dog poo etc!

So I got to work, made loads of new buttons, rolled out two new tiles, made a bird hanging ornament and some new pendants.

Here they are in their raw stage.

There are also a few top secret things going on but I'm keeping them under wraps for now!

Hope you all had a lovely saturday x