Sunday, 28 March 2010

sprinkles on the top?

Today, I needed to take some photographs of my new cupcake plates, so obviously I needed some cupcakes to put in them.

I spent the afternoon making delicious chocolate cupcakes from a simple recipe found in my local weekend newspaper.

The recipe required two eggs and that was all I had left after my boys had earlier made their egg sculptures of different historical figures for school tomorrow. Biggest d_p made a model of Houdini and littlest d_P made a model of Macbeth. I am hoping that neither of their egg models befalls a nasty accident like poor old Humpty as we've no eggs left to make replacements!

The ultimate in decadence - individual cupcake plates!

To be listed on my Folksy site later tonight.

The icing was a little runny but they managed to get through the photoshoot OK until my two hungry little monsters snaffled the lot!

I think there may be one left for my supper *lick lips* yum!

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  1. The little plates look great, so do the cakes!