Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Knitting escapades!

Well, I have been trying to learn how to knit for so long but on New Year's Eve, I decided it was time to try and follow a pattern - eek!
I found a chunky knit pattern on ravelry for a snuggly winter hat "Really warm hat by Melissa LaBarre " http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/really-warm-hat

It knitted up in no time at all and I was really impressed that I finally followed a pattern and topped it off with a nice squooshy pompom. Just in time for all that snow!

I then decided to be adventurous with some wool that I was given at Xmas with some knittng books - to me it just looked like nice random patterned wool. I knitted my second project - some fingerless gloves and imagine my surprise when they came out all stripey! It was just like magic!

Finally my latest creation hasn't quite got the impact of the other two things - I was watching eldest dotterypotter play basketball and took my knitting bag but forgot to take a pattern - d'oh! Being all cocky that I had managed to actually knit two things already, I thought maybe I could just improvise and make something up as I went along.

I decided to go for a phone cover - sounds simple enough? I ended up with something that resembles a little willy warmer! May that be a lesson to me not to run beofre I can walk!


  1. Those wristwarmers are lovely! What wool and what pattern did you use please?

    Love the willy warmer too, there's a market for those I think ;)

  2. Purplebint - the wool was sent to me by Sparkleworks and I didn't even check what brand it was but I know that it was called Magic something. It's a self striping D/K.
    The pattern is from a book called 'Easy knitted accessories' by Jeanette Trotman.