Friday, 13 November 2009

Ladies' night

Well, last night I had a stall at Ladies' night at my boys' school.

I didn't do too badly but as usual the weather was lashing down and footfall wasn't too high because everyone was probably snuggled up at home on the settee.

There were some lovely stalls though and some amazing things by moogsmum
I couldn't resist buying a gorgeous flower brooch from her for my coat.

I also bought a beautiful necklace made from mizuhiki cord - I never realised that it was paper, it is so delicate but I had better not get it wet!

I had a parcel returned to me yesterday too - it was a notebook swap that I had taken part in which got lost during the postal strikes, so I'm not absolutely certain that Royal Mail even tried to deliver it.

Anyway - I'd already made and sent another one.

It was a journal in a jar which I had decorated - the swappee told me that she didn't like girly things, glitter or pink and her favourite combination of colours were teal and brown - so here's what I made

The replacement looked like this

A journal in a jar is a notebook and a jar full of questions about the recipitents life.

Every day, they pick a new question from the jar and write a little bit about it in the journal. It makes a great keepsake for the future and to be passed down the generations.


  1. I love the journal in a jar idea! If you ever make them to sell, let me know please?

  2. excellent idea - would make a good blogger resource too, for those days when you just can't think what to write. Thanks for sharing your "red spoon"